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Machining Acrylic & PVC Tubes

Bray Plastics are suppliers of machined and fabricated plastic components to industry.

Our customers are diverse and regularly present Bray with manufacturing challenges that helps to seal our future commercial partnership.

Bray have manufactured housings for anti-drone protection systems, heart transplant machines and high speed cameras. This range of product diversity is typical of complete sub-assemblies. However, we also produce single components as illustrated in the video.

These tubular parts both PVC and Acrylic are produced for a medical application with both loose and tight tolerances respectively. They represent typical products that Bray produce for their customers and are provided for you as an example of our abilities.

If you have applications that Bray can help with please call us on 01525 219100.

At The Cutting Edge

You already know that Bray Plastics are experts in plastic machining and design solutions, but did you also know that we complete many laser-cutting projects?

Marking or cutting some non metallic materials can be quite problematic. The substrate surface may be disruptive or have adhesive backing. The material itself could be particularly tough or conversely extremely fragile. Overcoming these problems and finding suitable production solutions for our customers is only one part of the value add services that Bray Plastics can offer.

Using our lasers, routers and our expertise, Bray Plastics have found cost-effective manufacturing  solutions for our customers to return again and again. So much so, Bray’s production output is over 80% repeat with longstanding clients across industries, including Medical, Defence, Transport and Automotive.

Here are some videos of the laser-cutting equipment at work – all strangely compelling!


Now that Brexit, Covid and COP 26 appear to be shrinking in the rear view mirror, industry is prepping for 2022 and Bray Plastics would like to help and be part of that future, your future.

Machining for the Medical & Scientific Industries

Bray Plastics has an enviable and varied range of repeat customers in a diverse range of industries. With a history of machining and fabricating with acrylic materials, Bray’s engineering expertise is used by research institutes and scientific laboratories for specialist applications, such as:-

  • X-ray Acrylic panels for isolation cabinets
  • Custom PVC filter housings for chemical and biological filtration
  • Custom x-ray panels in laminated glass and Acrylic combinations
  • Polycarbonate guarding panels for equipment and biological/chemical protection/isolation
  • Vacuum formed containers for bespoke applications in conveying and storage of hazardous materials.

These projects have benefitted from our expertise due to the types of materials involved and the precision of the engineering required. We have the capacity to machine and form in a variety of plastics including acrylics, ABS and Premac®.

Here are some of our projects below.

Clear Acrylic Machining

Acrylic vacuum chambers, cabinets, boxes, doors and windows can be found in hospitals and laboratories around the world. Premac lead loaded acrylic is used for radiation shielding of radio isotopes.

Bray Plastics have extensive experience in working with acrylic.  Machining, fabricating and forming in acrylics under under their various trade names of Perspex, Plexiglas, Acrylite, Altuglas etc.

acrylic machining acrylic moulding for medical industry

Vacuum Formed Trays and Cabinets

Replacing a stainless steel collection tray with a vacuum formed slurry collection tray and and adding vacuum formed panels to a microfocal X-ray cabinet.

xray vacuum formed panels inside fabricated plastic panels for xray enclosure

Glove Port Assemblies

The NHS and research establishments use our glove ports in their chemical and biological isolators.

AES Cirrus glove port manufacture AES Cirrus glove port manufacture

Workstation equipment for hospitals

Working with Performace Storage Systems Ltd to standardise theatre layout with storage units on wheeled trolleys.

Polypropylene, PVC, Acrylic, HIPs and ABS storage equipment for hospitals Polypropylene, PVC, Acrylic, HIPs and ABS storage equipment for hospitals Polypropylene, PVC, Acrylic, HIPs and ABS storage equipment for hospitals

Plastic Storage Units for Hospitals

Bray Plastics has an enviable and varied range of repeat customers in a diverse range of industries. One recent example is Performance Storage Systems Ltd for whom we have previously carried out projects for hospitals.  They required workstation equipment being supplied for another Foundation Hospital operating theatre refurbishment project to standardise theatre layout.

Various storage units were designed and fabricated in Polypropylene, PVC, Acrylic, HIPs and ABS, which were then mounted on or in new or existing wheeled trollies to increase efficiency in Theatre and ease cleaning.  These are illustrated in the images below.



David Duckworth, Design Director at PSSL made these comments recently about Bray Plastics,

“I have worked with Bray Plastics for many years. On this project they were able to steer our thoughts and designs towards the practical and cost effective. All the people involved were knowledgeable and helpful and production was undertaken to a high standard.”


Bray Plastics have long been an integral part to many of their customers’ design teams and we would relish the opportunity to offer our manufacturing expertise to a wider market. Please contact us at Bray Plastics if you think we can help.

Not All Acrylics Are Equal!

The most common name used to describe clear plastic would appear to be Perspex, and there are many others, but they are all actually trade names for Acrylic or PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate).

Acrylic is used in a huge range of products across a wide range of industries from low-tech to high and from low-cost to high budget.

It can be moulded, machined, fabricated and is widely available off the shelf as sheet, rod, bar, tube etc. Bray Plastics have extensive experience working with and producing acrylic products for their customers.

One recent example was a vacuum door produced for Leskers UK Ltd that was fitted to a high end vacuum chamber, as illustrated in the image below. The door was machined from 80 mm acrylic and finished by hand.

machined acrylic pmma perspex vacuum chamber door

Please contact us at Bray Plastics if you think we can help.

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