News - So You’ve Got A Plastics Fabrication Project? What Now?

Well firstly, congratulations, you’ve reached a big milestone when you’ve pushed an idea to the prototype or production stage.  But now you might have reached a phase where you need some more expertise on how you are going to complete the next manufacturing step.  And that’s where Bray Plastics can help!

We specialise in all types of plastic fabrication and forming, we can carry out most types of plastic engineering including vacuum forming and thermoforming, machining and milling, laser cutting, casting, tooling, component assembly services and 3D printing services.  Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly which fabrication process is the best for your project, we can offer advice and guidance, and provide no-obligation quotes for the different plastic engineering processes most appropriate for your requirements.

You may already know what material is most suited to your project or be struggling to decide.  The type of plastic or material you require is a crucial decision depending on the application, however Bray Plastics have a huge experience covering a wide range of industries and will be able to offer advice and solutions to meet your project requirements.  Different applications and environments will require different types of materials.  You’ll need to consider the temperature they will be used at, whether you require thermal or electrical insulation, imact or cyclical load bearing materials, chemical or radiation resistance as well as frictional resistance.  Our solutions only come from the vast experience we have of the plastics engineering industry – you won’t find this kind of expertise everywhere (or possibly anywhere else!).

Our Materials page can offer a brief guide into which plastics or materials are most suited to your project, but talking to us is the best way to reach a solution. As you’ll see we work in a vast range of materials from nylons, acrylic (perspex) and polypropylene through to ABS, Kevlar, Premac (lead-lined acrylic) and Sindanyo H91 (often a good alternative to the discontinued Duratec® 750 and Duratec® 1000).  We can source and machine specialist plastics and materials to meet very demanding, specific and obscure requirements.

Want to move your big idea to the next stage?  All it takes is a call to us!

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