We know you might have a lot of questions about plastic fabrication, plastic forming, and other the other types of plastic engineering that we offer and so we’ve put together a few FAQs that might answer some of them. There’s sure to be plenty of your questions that we haven’t answered as the range of plastic projects and clients are enormously varied and we can’t cover everything here, so for anything else, just give us a ring and we’ll definitely be able to help you with your query.

Question: How much will it cost?

Answer: As you can imagine all our plastic fabrication projects are very different, and you’ll need an official quote once we’ve had a consultation and discussed the full requirements and best solution, however our minimum order charge is £100.

Question: How long will it take?

Answer: Again, all projects are incredibly varied and the length of time a project may take to complete is governed by the complexity of the solution, but generally lead times are 3-6 weeks.  It’s a good idea to have a discussion with as soon as possible in your project as the solutions we suggest may be more cost-effective and efficient than your original idea, and we’ll be able to book you in.

Question: What material should I use?

Answer: Which type of plastic or material you require is a big consideration and will be dictated by the product application and the customer requirement.  Bray Plastics are experienced with working in all types of plastic including acrylic, polyvinyl sheet (PVC), high-density PVC foam, polystyrene sheet or foam, polypropylene, Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), High-density polyethylene (HDPE). If you’re not sure which is the best material for your project then we can advise you and then further advise you on the best plastic engineering method for your material and application.

Question: What files or formats can I provide?

Answer: There are many CAD packages on the market, most of which we can accept output from.  Our engineering staff will be able to confirm if your files are acceptable.  Just give us a ring!

Question: Can you complete my project from a sketch?

Answer: Yes! But we do require full information and details to quote and manufacture.

Question: Can you create prototypes?

Answer: Often we can, that depends on the chosen plastic engineering process.  However if it’s prototypes you’re interested in we can advise you on the best process to use to get the result you want.

Question: Do you have minimum quantities?

Answer: Generally no, and some plastic forming processes lend themselves to short runs, and others to high volume production.  We can help you decide which plastic engineering process is best for your requirements.

Question: Are you ISO registered?

Answer: Yes, we are ISO9001 UKAS certificated and a member of ADS (the Premier Trade Organisation for companies in the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space Sectors). We can operate to encompass your QA system.

Question: What are your payment terms?

Answer: First orders are on a pro-forma basis (payment in advance), subsequent orders are on a 30 day from date of invoice account.

Question: What sort of delivery options do you offer?

Answer: We offer a mixture of delivery options depending on your requirements.

  • We use FedEx for next-day delivery as a standard option for most items.
  • Large palletised items are usually 48hr delivery.
  • Large/fragile items are sent by same-day courier, cost would be agreed with customer before hand.
  • Collection is also welcomed.

In some cases we can also offer a call off option where you can take part delivery of a large volume order in batches and we invoice for each batch separately.

Question: Can you machine and fabricate?

Answer: Yes – that’s where our expertise lies.

We engineer a range of material types:-

  • All plastics
  • Some non-ferrous metals

Processes available:-

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Routing
  • Profiling

3D Print:-

  • SLA and SLS – size and tolerance dependent

Vacuum forming:-

  • Material – PVC, ABS, Acrylic etc
  • Sizes – up to 1m x 2m
  • Thickness – up to 8mm thick

Laser cutting:-

  • profiling and etching of foams and thin materials

Drape forming of various thermoplastic materials

Resin casing of components, including tooling fixtures and prototypes.

Question: Can you design from a concept?

Answer: Yes, we have a full engineering and production team on hand to guide you with every aspect of your project.

Question: Can you project manage the complete task from a brief?

Answer: Yes, Bray have a successful history of product design and manufacture.  Please see our case studies.

Question: Can you pack and deliver for UK?

Answer: Yes, just give us your requirements and we will arrange it all for you.

Question: Can you make assemblies?

Answer: Yes. we offer full component assembly services.

Question: Do you have any testimonials?

Answer: Yes, we have many satisfied customers who have provided testimonials.  Many of these can be found on our website together with their project case studies.

Question: Do you have customers we can talk to?

Answer: Yes, if you wish to discuss our service with other clients, please contact us for details and referral.