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Bespoke Turnkey Solutions

Bray Plastics are team of highly experienced engineers (over 150 years combined experience in the industry), specialising in bespoke plastic fabrication. We have been working with a wide variety of customers to help them develop and manufacture their products and custom parts for over 30 years.

The expertise developed over these years means we can provide our customers with a complete and knowledgeable “turnkey” service. Whether it’s prototyping or low / medium volume production runs with final assembly (and everything in-between!), we love a challenge, so contact us today on 01525 219100 to discuss your project and find out how we can help you find your perfect solution!

You can view or download our ISO certificate here:-

They say


We have been using Bray Plastic for over 20 years and have always found the quality of their work exceptional and have on numerous occasions got us out of a problem by turning around orders in double quick time. Every member of the staff there are very knowledgeable and always happy to help and offer advice when asked.


Amercare Ltd

Michael Bourne - Director

Just wanted to drop you a line to say good job on the recent order. I haven’t seen it face to face myself but our QA department were very happy with the packaging when it arrived and dimensionally it was spot on so thanks.
In case you were interested, I attached a photo of the door now its finished and mounted onto one of our vacuum chambers to give you a bit of an insight to what we get up to.


Kurt J Lesker Company Ltd

Jack Torode​ – MFG Product Specialist Team Leader

Professional pride, these people really want to get right.👍🏻

John Little – Shearwater

Managing Director
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