Not All Acrylics Are Equal!

The most common name used to describe clear plastic would appear to be Perspex, and there are many others, but they are all actually trade names for Acrylic or PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate).

Acrylic is used in a huge range of products across a wide range of industries from low-tech to high and from low-cost to high budget.

It can be moulded, machined, fabricated and is widely available off the shelf as sheet, rod, bar, tube etc. Bray Plastics have extensive experience working with and producing acrylic products for their customers.

One recent example was a vacuum door produced for Leskers UK Ltd that was fitted to a high end vacuum chamber, as illustrated in the image below. The door was machined from 80 mm acrylic and finished by hand.

machined acrylic pmma perspex vacuum chamber door

Please contact us at Bray Plastics if you think we can help.

Demonstration and working models can communicate ideas and concepts far quicker than verbal explanation or the written word.

However, finding a model maker/fabricator who can turn your concept into reality can be an uphill struggle, and that is where Bray Plastics may be able to help.

The images show a working surface drainage model.

Manufactured in acrylic and directed by our customer, Bray Plastics provided a cost effective solution that could be used repeatedly as a demonstration and training aid.

Originally created for Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water, the Surface Drainage Model shows the surface drainage problems caused by housing construction and de-forestation.

The model is easy to set up and use. There are three inserts which can be interchanged to give different drainage effects. Water is poured onto the top of the hill, and both reservoirs are measured to see how much water is absorbed by the hill and how much runs down into the town.

Here’s what our customer had to say:

Bray Plastics have given us consistently high-quality results within the lead times specified, and communication regarding our orders has been very good.

Please contact us at Bray Plastics if you think we can help.

EKA are one of the World’s premier designers and producers of recovery vehicles for the military.

EKA Recovery vehicle

Bray Plastics are pleased to be one of their suppliers, manufacturing a range of products in Nyloil, acetals, and UHMWPE.

The video shows Ram pressure plates being machined and assembled for one particular recovery vehicle from PE (Polyethylene). This is typical of the type of work Bray Plastics provides its customers and we hope it is of interest to you.

Please call us if you think we can help.

In an environment where the level of uncertainty permeates through the whole of our society, it is gratifying to know that we at Bray Plastics are still able to help and contribute in a meaningful way to that society.

The demands that Covid 19 has placed on our infrastructure has meant shortages across the board. Not just of finished product and materials, but also of the efficient management of them and it has been heartening to see local people and organisations stepping in to fill a few of the voids exposed. Our local Rotary Club, working in conjunction with a local school, set about producing parts for the Vandyke Visor (designed by 2 Design Technology teachers at the school), to meet the much needed requirement for face screens from the NHS, Emergency Services, care homes and carers etc in our community.

Bray Plastics were asked if we could help, so we lasered some of the components from PP (polypropylene) sheet that were needed for the headband as illustrated in the video. Several thousand components later we are very pleased to have been able to help our community.



Stay safe, alert and healthy. From all at Bray Plastics.

We would like to reassure our customers that at present Bray Plastics does not have any employees impacted by the current Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic and for now it is business as usual. This may change in the coming days and weeks but we are closely monitoring the situation and following all advice issued by the Government.

As a manufacturer our activities consist of the transportation and handling of goods and at present there is no identified risk from any of the products we handle. We will continue to review our position as more information is provided by the Government.

With regard to the impact from our material suppliers re current stock levels, these are good and will provide several months of availability. Whilst some delays in delivery may occur, as they maintain appropriate stock levels, they anticipate a low risk to customer service at the moment.

Our primary priority is the health and well-being of our staff and customers and to protect them as much as possible.  As such, we have adapted our business operations in the following way:

  • Non critical activities such as team meetings have been suspended
  • Visitors will only be permitted by prearrangement but we would urge communication to be conducted electronically and via the telephone wherever possible.

We will continue to keep all lines of communication open with our customers and suppliers. Should any additional information be sought please call 01525 219100.

When designers and manufacturers have invested their time and expertise heavily into producing a world leading product, they want to ensure it looks as good as it performs.

Specialised Imaging Ltd are industry leaders in the design and manufacture of High-Speed cameras with frame rates between 1 Million and 1 Billion frames per second. The camera housing was initially produced using 3D printing and standard finishing techniques. Although this method met the quality required for the application, it was costly and time consuming.

Bray Plastics were approached to find an alternative method that could maintain function and quality at the same time reducing cost. Working closely with our customer, Bray made suggestions and recommendations that our customer tested and accepted.

As illustrated, the result was a formed and fabricated shell in Polycarbonate, significantly reducing production cost.


polycarbonate fabrication camera casing Bray Plastics Bedfordshire


If you would like to know more about Bray Plastics or have a project we can assist with, please call 01525 219100.

Polycarbonates are plolymers containing carbonate groups. Polycarbonates are strong, tough materials with high temperature and impact resistance.  They can be both molded and thermoformed making them very useful in a multitude of engineering applications.

Welcome to another update and example of the diverse markets and applications Bray Plastics have for their plastic fabrication and engineering skills.

Airtask are a company who provide bespoke mission-based aviation solutions to Government and commercial customers. They own and operate small twin-engined aircraft that have a unique capability of carrying various specialised cameras and survey equipment in a modified nose cone.

As with most aircraft, shape and availability of storage space as well as weight allowance is at a premium, which can sometimes be difficult to convey to users of the aircraft.

When kit and/or equipment does not fit designated stowage points, this can lead to red faces and delay.

The solution was for Bray Plastics to fabricate a duplicate section of the available nose space, including exact fixing points and cable pathways. This duplicate could be given to the customer prior to the sortie, allowing the customer to ensure their camera would fit and be secured correctly, without having to ground the aircraft during this period.  This negates delays, increases customer satisfaction and leads to prime operating efficiency of the aircraft.

In the video below you can see how Bray Plastics modelled the original aircraft stowage and fabricated the duplicate stowage area from ABS.

A simple solution for a potentially expensive problem.

Airtask - duplicate ABS component fabrication

If you have a challenging project or material then contact us and we can utilise our experience and equipment to provide you with the perfect solution.

To view more of our showcase videos, check out our playlist on YouTube.


From a mobile distribution box for children’s books to custom electronics enclosures for a major brand sponsoring motor sports, Bray Plastics has experience in designing, fabricating and manufacturing enclosures from a variety of plastics, such as acrylic, polypropylene, ABS, PVC HIPS etc.

We use a variety of manufacturing techniques, including Laser, Vacuum forming, CNC machining and hot wire bending to meet your design specifications. We can work directly from your drawings or design files, or work with you and offer advice, Bray Plastics are confident we can help, call us on 01525 219100.

The extensive range and availability of off the shelf components and assemblies in manufacturing, greatly assist  design engineers across a wide range of industries.

However, there can be occasions when these assemblies will require modification to be more suitable for the application, where the supplier may not be willing to modify or cost becomes an issue.

The example below, a laboratory water heater, is an illustration of the type of improvements Bray Plastics can achieve for their customers products on standard bought-in items.



In this case for a medical application, the original stainless steel water heater reservoir was replaced with a clear PVC reservoir enabling filling and drainage with no dismantling and open view of the float, heater and water level within the reservoir. Greatly improving the function and user interface for the operator.



This example is typical of Bray Plastics’ expertise in helping its customers find solutions to tricky and awkward problems that could have potentially delayed their product development.

Please call us, we may be able to help.


Well firstly, congratulations, you’ve reached a big milestone when you’ve pushed an idea to the prototype or production stage.  But now you might have reached a phase where you need some more expertise on how you are going to complete the next manufacturing step.  And that’s where Bray Plastics can help!

We specialise in all types of plastic fabrication and forming, we can carry out most types of plastic engineering including vacuum forming and thermoforming, machining and milling, laser cutting, casting, tooling, component assembly services and 3D scanning and printing services.  Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly which fabrication process is the best for your project, we can offer advice and guidance, and provide no-obligation quotes for the different plastic engineering processes most appropriate for your requirements.

You may already know what material is most suited to your project or be struggling to decide.  The type of plastic or material you require is a crucial decision depending on the application, however Bray Plastics have a huge experience covering a wide range of industries and will be able to offer advice and solutions to meet your project requirements.  Different applications and environments will require different types of materials.  You’ll need to consider the temperature they will be used at, whether you require thermal or electrical insulation, imact or cyclical load bearing materials, chemical or radiation resistance as well as frictional resistance.  Our solutions only come from the vast experience we have of the plastics engineering industry – you won’t find this kind of expertise everywhere (or possibly anywhere else!).

Our Materials page can offer a brief guide into which plastics or materials are most suited to your project, but talking to us is the best way to reach a solution. As you’ll see we work in a vast range of materials from nylons, acrylic (perspex) and polypropylene through to ABS, Kevlar, Premac (lead-lined acrylic) and Sindanyo H91 (often a good alternative to the discontinued Duratec® 750 and Duratec® 1000).  We can source and machine specialist plastics and materials to meet very demanding, specific and obscure requirements.

Want to move your big idea to the next stage?  All it takes is a call to us!

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