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You already know that Bray Plastics are experts in plastic machining and design solutions, but did you also know that we complete many laser-cutting projects?

Marking or cutting some non metallic materials can be quite problematic. The substrate surface may be disruptive or have adhesive backing. The material itself could be particularly tough or conversely extremely fragile. Overcoming these problems and finding suitable production solutions for our customers is only one part of the value add services that Bray Plastics can offer.

Using our lasers, routers and our expertise, Bray Plastics have found cost-effective manufacturing  solutions for our customers to return again and again. So much so, Bray’s production output is over 80% repeat with longstanding clients across industries, including Medical, Defence, Transport and Automotive.

Here are some videos of the laser-cutting equipment at work – all strangely compelling!


Now that Brexit, Covid and COP 26 appear to be shrinking in the rear view mirror, industry is prepping for 2022 and Bray Plastics would like to help and be part of that future, your future.

In an environment where the level of uncertainty permeates through the whole of our society, it is gratifying to know that we at Bray Plastics are still able to help and contribute in a meaningful way to that society.

The demands that Covid 19 has placed on our infrastructure has meant shortages across the board. Not just of finished product and materials, but also of the efficient management of them and it has been heartening to see local people and organisations stepping in to fill a few of the voids exposed. Our local Rotary Club, working in conjunction with a local school, set about producing parts for the Vandyke Visor (designed by 2 Design Technology teachers at the school), to meet the much needed requirement for face screens from the NHS, Emergency Services, care homes and carers etc in our community.

Bray Plastics were asked if we could help, so we lasered some of the components from PP (polypropylene) sheet that were needed for the headband as illustrated in the video. Several thousand components later we are very pleased to have been able to help our community.



Stay safe, alert and healthy. From all at Bray Plastics.

From a mobile distribution box for children’s books to custom electronics enclosures for a major brand sponsoring motor sports, Bray Plastics has experience in designing, fabricating and manufacturing enclosures from a variety of plastics, such as acrylic, polypropylene, ABS, PVC HIPS etc.

We use a variety of manufacturing techniques, including Laser, Vacuum forming, CNC machining and hot wire bending to meet your design specifications. We can work directly from your drawings or design files, or work with you and offer advice, Bray Plastics are confident we can help, call us on 01525 219100.

It can be difficult to cut or engrave softer materials and substrates accurately. Particularly when they may contain adhesive or have an inconsistent density.

Bray Plastics use their laser as a CNC ‘scalpel’ to accurately cut a range of diverse materials such as adhesive backed foam, Velcro, felt, card etc. for our customers.



If you have a challenging project or material then contact us and we can utilise our experience and equipment to provide you with the perfect solution.

To view more of our showcase videos, check out our playlist on YouTube.


It can be difficult to cut or engrave softer materials and substrates accurately. Particularly when they may contain adhesive or have an inconsistent density.

Bray Plastics use their laser as a CNC  ‘scalpel’  to accurately cut a range of diverse materials such as, adhesive backed foam, Velcro, felt, card etc., for our customers.

The Laser service represents just one of a range of skills Bray Plastics have.

We can also offer fabrication, 3D printing, prototyping, routering, tooling, vacuum forming and machining of a range of plastic materials. These include PVC, polypropylene, polycarbonate, acrylic, PTFE, PETG, ABS and many others.

Please give us the opportunity to help you and call us on 01525 219100.


A component required for a medical application needed to be machined from a solid slab of Acrylic 50mm thick. Bray have a heavy duty router with a work area of 2 meters by 3 meters which was suitable for the task.

Using CAD and CAM software it was possible to nest the components within a large sheet and batch cut the material ready for the next operation.

acrylic machining and routing

Although this example is for acrylic, Bray can process a whole range of engineering materials including Nylons, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate, Abs, Carbon fibre, Tufnol, as well as closed and open cell foams  to give a sample of just a few. These the images illustrate CAN routing, but our facilities also encompass CNC turning and milling. Allied to our CNC laser Bray’s ability to process plastics and polymers enhance the  designer’s choice for problem solving.

acrylic machining and routing 2

This service is just one of a range Bray is able to offer its customers.

How can you cut soft materials such as foams, felts, leather, Velcro and woven polymers etc., especially if they have adhesives that can clog up standard cutting tools.

Bray Plastics have a state-of-the-art,  in-house laser cutting facility and these soft materials can be easily cut and profiled. This is particularly useful if the substrate has an adhesive backing as this would normally foul conventional cutting knives and punches.

Adhesive foam laser cutting2

A recent project required fine profiling of an adhesive backed foam. You can see from the image that the laser produces an accurate and clean cut.

This service is just one of a range Bray is able to offer its customers.

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