Plastic Storage Units for Hospitals

Bray Plastics has an enviable and varied range of repeat customers in a diverse range of industries. One recent example is Performance Storage Systems Ltd for whom we have previously carried out projects for hospitals.  They required workstation equipment being supplied for another Foundation Hospital operating theatre refurbishment project to standardise theatre layout.

Various storage units were designed and fabricated in Polypropylene, PVC, Acrylic, HIPs and ABS, which were then mounted on or in new or existing wheeled trollies to increase efficiency in Theatre and ease cleaning.  These are illustrated in the images below.



David Duckworth, Design Director at PSSL made these comments recently about Bray Plastics,

“I have worked with Bray Plastics for many years. On this project they were able to steer our thoughts and designs towards the practical and cost effective. All the people involved were knowledgeable and helpful and production was undertaken to a high standard.”


Bray Plastics have long been an integral part to many of their customers’ design teams and we would relish the opportunity to offer our manufacturing expertise to a wider market. Please contact us at Bray Plastics if you think we can help.

This PVC housing is used inside isolation cabinets as used by biological and chemical research laboratories.

PVC fabrication

It was designed as a replacement for a stainless steel version to reduce cost and weight. Bray applied its plastic fabrication skills to complete the customer requirement and enhance the performance of the component as PVC has exceptional anti corrosion and chemical resistance properties.
If you have an application that we could help with please contact us.

The world of virtual reality (VR) gaming is a multibillion dollar industry. The technical sophistication continues to ramp up to the point where the gamer can be completely immersed in the virtual world of the game.

 With the latest VR games being available through your mobile phone, though many games are currently designed for sitting down, increasingly advantage is being taken of profound VR immersion available in standing and walking around in VR and for that there is need for locomotion and being contained from the real world.

Bray Plastics fabricate PVC VR containment frame

Bray has worked closely with Dr Charles King CTO at WizDish Ltd to develop a VR Containment Frame to integrate with the WizDish™ ROVR locomotion platform that permits the gamer to stand, walk and physically participate in the game thereby eliminating sensory confusion and the often associated Sim sickness.

WizdishLtd has already started shipping the VR Containment Frame which is fabricated from PVC tube. The Frame provides support to the gamer, whilst giving a reference point, contains the gamer from the real world and is fully collapsible for shipping or stowing.

Dr King from Wizdish has used Bray’s fabricating expertise to improve their design in preparation for volume production in this rapidly growing market.

WizDish VR containment frame fabricated by Bray Plastics

This service is just one of a range Bray is able to offer its customers.

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