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What is CNC Milling & Routing?

What is CNC Milling & Routing?   CNC milling and routing are two closely related manufacturing processes that use computer numerical control (CNC) to create precise parts and components from a variety of materials. Here at Bray Plastics we predominantly…

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Machining Acrylic & PVC Tubes

Bray Plastics are suppliers of machined and fabricated plastic components to industry. Our customers are diverse and regularly present Bray with manufacturing challenges that helps to seal our future commercial partnership. Bray have manufactured housings for anti-drone protection systems, heart…

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Not All Acrylics Are Equal!

The most common name used to describe clear plastic would appear to be Perspex, and there are many others, but they are all actually trade names for Acrylic or PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate). Acrylic is used in a huge range of products…

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