Take The Hassle Out Of Sourcing Enclosures

Sourcing suitable electronic and electrical enclosures, particularly in low volume can be a tedious task. Add to that a customising requirement by modifying those enclosures to suit specific applications then an already onerous task has also become a daunting one.

Bray Plastics can both machine standard off-the-shelf enclosures from the major manufacturers like Boss, Hammond, OKW/Rolec, Teko, Spelsberg, Pheonix Meccano, Fibox, Ensto and Multi Box as well as design and fabricate speciality enclosures that are customer specific and totally bespoke.

Using a variety of materials eg. ABS, PC, PP, Acetal etc., we have the capacity to design and manufacture to your requirements.

Should the production volumes increase we can also advise, design and supply injection moulded versions of the fabricated original.

If you have an enclosure issue, even if we can’t help directly, Bray Plastics could give you valuable unbiased advice, so give us a call.

When electronic instrument designers have completed, tested and proved hardware and software, housing their hard work can be a bit more tricky, particularly when prototyping or producing low production runs. Bray Plastics have an answer to this dilemma by fabricating electronic enclosures to bespoke or custom designs.

Using a variety of production techniques including 3D printing, vacuum casting, forming and machining Bray Plastics advised and assisted Box Clever Components (enclosure distributors, a sister company) to fulfil a specific requirement for their customer Vonaq Ltd.

vonaq bespoke electronics enclosure

Bray Plastics machined and fabricated an enclosure working closely with the customer. The product was produced to budget and in short time frames.

If Bray or Box Clever Components can help with your enclosure requirements, please call.



As an electronic enclosure distributor Box Clever Components can supply a range of enclosures from the industry leaders including Hammond, OKW, Fibox, Multibox, BCL, Spelsberg, Bopla, SLM etc. The one thing that links all these manufacturers is the likelihood that these enclosures will need modification or customisation.

Bray Plastics work with its sister company Box Clever Components to offer customisation not only to the manufacturers mentioned but to any enclosure. Even enclosures that have been custom designed and injection moulded for a specific application but need rework can be undertaken.

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Call Bray Plastics 01525 219100 for help with all your enclosure requirements.

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