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Machining for the Medical & Scientific Industries

Bray Plastics has an enviable and varied range of repeat customers in a diverse range of industries. With a history of machining and fabricating with acrylic materials, Bray’s engineering expertise is used by research institutes and scientific laboratories for specialist applications, such as:- X-ray…

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Machining for the Military

Did you know that due to our experience and expertise in plastic and metal engineering, Bray Plastics are a sought after designer and manufacturer in the Defence industry? We have completed a wide range of projects for Military suppliers –…

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Product redesign for commercial success

Reviewing and/or re-designing your own product is a difficult task, particularly if you have been closely associated with it. This was the dilemma ProEconomy faced with their ‘Orca’ water treatment station for Legionella control. Orca was a successful and proven…

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