Bespoke Fabrication of Enclosures

From a mobile distribution box for children’s books to custom electronics enclosures for a major brand sponsoring motor sports, Bray Plastics has experience in designing, fabricating and manufacturing enclosures from a variety of plastics, such as acrylic, polypropylene, ABS, PVC HIPS etc.

We use a variety of manufacturing techniques, including Laser, Vacuum forming, CNC machining and hot wire bending to meet your design specifications. We can work directly from your drawings or design files, or work with you and offer advice, Bray Plastics are confident we can help, call us on 01525 219100.

Sourcing suitable electronic and electrical enclosures, particularly in low volume can be a tedious task. Add to that a customising requirement by modifying those enclosures to suit specific applications then an already onerous task has also become a daunting one.

Bray Plastics can both machine standard off-the-shelf enclosures from the major manufacturers like Boss, Hammond, OKW/Rolec, Teko, Spelsberg, Pheonix Meccano, Fibox, Ensto and Multi Box as well as design and fabricate speciality enclosures that are customer specific and totally bespoke.

Using a variety of materials eg. ABS, PC, PP, Acetal etc., we have the capacity to design and manufacture to your requirements.

Should the production volumes increase we can also advise, design and supply injection moulded versions of the fabricated original.

If you have an enclosure issue, even if we can’t help directly, Bray Plastics could give you valuable unbiased advice, so give us a call.

How can you cut soft materials such as foams, felts, leather, Velcro and woven polymers etc., especially if they have adhesives that can clog up standard cutting tools.

Bray Plastics have a state-of-the-art,  in-house laser cutting facility and these soft materials can be easily cut and profiled. This is particularly useful if the substrate has an adhesive backing as this would normally foul conventional cutting knives and punches.

Adhesive foam laser cutting2

A recent project required fine profiling of an adhesive backed foam. You can see from the image that the laser produces an accurate and clean cut.

This service is just one of a range Bray is able to offer its customers.

Here at Bray Plastics we are known for being able to provide design and fabrication solutions to a wide range of unusual projects.  We pride ourselves on creating unique products that fulfill all criteria within budget and timeframe, no matter how demanding the original requirements.

Up to date real time information is crucial to frontline forces. Data transfer is accepted as part of our modern day culture, as is the way it is received. However not everyone’s office is the same!

© Crown copyright - Kneemounted PC tablet for helicopter pilot.

© Crown copyright – Kneemounted PC tablet for helicopter pilot.

Helicopter pilots, for example, have an very cramped ‘office’. Having to locate and operate a PC in an already busy environment is potentially hazardous and a tough nut to crack.

Bray were asked to produce a solution that had to meet a range of complicated criteria. The kneemount illustrated is the result and has been successfully launched into service. Can we help you?

We have a huge range of expertise and experience in all aspects of plastic moulding and fabrication and cutting-edge technology to ensure that we can deliver a high quality solution for your project.

© Crown copyright - The completed kneemount for PC tablet

© Crown copyright – The completed kneemount for PC tablet

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