Manufacture of Coolant Pack Prototypes

A world leading manufacturer of temperature controlled packaging has used Bray Plastics to produce prototype housings for coolant packs.

coolant packaging prototype manufacture

These prototype packs, which will ultimately be blow moulded from HDPE (High-density polyethylene), were produced by rotocasting polyurethane resin.

Working from the .iges (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) file from our customer, Bray machined the mould from modelling board supplied by Mouldlife and then rotocast 70 + coolant packs from resins available from Bentley Chemicals.

If this process or any other from our skill sets of plastic machining, forming, lasering, 3D printing etc., can help you, please contact us.







The recent installation of 3D printing machines at Bray Plastics further enhances the range of plastic fabrication and prototyping services we can offer.

We use your .stl files to print your component.  By adding traditional skills of machining, forming and polishing, for example, we can improve greatly on the original printed part.



3D printing a honeycomb box out of black PLA and a 3D knot out of red PLA. The printer is a 3DP large format FDM printer.

Should you then wish to go into production, Bray Plastics can also help and advise on method, material and process of your product.

If you would like to move your design on from PC/Laptop please give Bray Plastics a call.

3D printing and prototyping along with Roto Casting are just some of the services Bray Plastics can offer its customers.

The images illustrate tooling and a prototype of a blow moulded cassette used in the refrigerated packaging industry.

Plastic moulding roto casting

Files supplied by the customer were used to machine (in house) polyurethane (PU) modelling board for the tooling. This in turn was used to resin cast a prototype on our roto casting machine. We can also use silicone tooling casting methods on the same machine.

PU tooling has the advantage of lasting much longer than its silicone alternative. This particular tooling has had over a hundred castings.

 Roto Casting (Peli Bio) Plastic moulding

  If you have a project Bray Plastics can help you with please contact us.


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