News - New 3D Printing Facilities!

Bray Plastics are delighted to offer the addition of 3D printing services for its customers.

We have sourced two printers – a Formlab 2 SLA unit for fine detail and a 3DP FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) unit with a massive build volume of 1 metre x 1 metre x 500mm.

The Formlab 2 SLA in action.

The 3D Platform 3DP1000 in action.

Uniquely, unlike many other 3D print service bureaus Bray Plastics has full workshop engineering capacity to continue your development process. We take your project further along the production process for second, third and forth operations with CNC machining, routing, laser cutting and vacuum forming.

Please preview the videos to see what Bray Plastics and these machines can offer you. Work with us to take your project from concept to reality!

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