Duratec 750® is a calcium silicate based ceramic material and is one of a range of materials Bray machine for their customers.

This particular component is machined from sheet stock and produced in batches of 500 off.

machining Duratec 750® ceramic Machined Duratec 750® components Machined Duratec 750® small components

It is representative of the variety of machining services Bray can offer its customers as well as the diversity of industries Bray supports with its Plastics fabrication expertise.

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Duratec 750® is a  dense calcium silicate board with a service temperature up to 1000°C.   Duratec ® materials are “technical ceramics” which are thermally and electrically insulating, resistant to fracture and temperature stable. Thermal conductivity decreases with increasing temperature. It has a high strength over the full temperature range and is machinable to close tolerances.  Duratec ® has a high chemical stability in alkaline media and is reactive in acid media.

Due to its homogeneous structure Duratec® can readily be worked and processed to form precision parts. It is used as a high-quality asbestos replacement material in many industrial fields and makes an effective contribution to economical processes and high product quality.

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