Improving & Customising Off-The-Shelf Components

The extensive range and availability of off the shelf components and assemblies in manufacturing, greatly assist  design engineers across a wide range of industries.

However, there can be occasions when these assemblies will require modification to be more suitable for the application, where the supplier may not be willing to modify or cost becomes an issue.

The example below, a laboratory water heater, is an illustration of the type of improvements Bray Plastics can achieve for their customers products on standard bought-in items.



In this case for a medical application, the original stainless steel water heater reservoir was replaced with a clear PVC reservoir enabling filling and drainage with no dismantling and open view of the float, heater and water level within the reservoir. Greatly improving the function and user interface for the operator.



This example is typical of Bray Plastics’ expertise in helping its customers find solutions to tricky and awkward problems that could have potentially delayed their product development.

Please call us, we may be able to help.


Specialist equipment manufacturers and designers can sometimes find it difficult to source bespoke and custom parts. Their expertise invariably lies in understanding the application problem that their product must fulfil.

Identifying and sourcing individual components whether mechanical, electrical, or electronic may require expertise from the supplier to assist the designer.

Bray Plastics have been active in their supplier support to a range of customers who require machined, formed and fabricated plastic components.

Shearwater, who specialise in counter intelligence equipment asked Bray to machine a support frame from a material that would become a central part of an antenna array as illustrated.


tufnol customised support frame

Acetal, ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) offered a combination of characteristics, e.g. mechanical stability and electrically/electronically inert that made it a cost effective choice for this application. However, after testing the final material selection was Tufnol, a resin injected paper.

tufnol customised support frame

Bray Plastics have long been supplying bespoke and custom plastic products. For the Medical market we produce Premac glove port and X-ray panels. The MOD sources ABS assemblies for our frontline troops but we also make musical instruments for individuals. Maybe we can help you?











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