We work with clients from a variety of different sectors. From Defence and Automotive, through to Medical and Research, Retail and Catering, our expertise in plastics can help you find solutions to problems in a wide range of industries.

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  • Custom dash instrument housing for track day cars
  • Classic car replacement transparencies in polycarbonate
  • Reverse engineered Fire retardant ABS engine bay cover for prestige cars manufacturer
  • CNC machining and profiling of carbon fibre sheet
  • Acetal, UHMWPE, Nylon components for high wear rate applications

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  • Pressure plates for armoured vehicle recovery trucks
  • Shaped charge explosive housings for bomb disposal
  • Custom munitions cases for the Special Forces
  • Pilot knee mount for fast jet and helicopter crews
  • Screen housings for communication equipment

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  • Acetal end fittings for conveyor systems
  • Covers and enclosures to custom designs
  • Machining and customisation of standard enclosures
  • CNC machining and routing of Acrylics Acetals, Polycarbonate and ABS
  • PVC tanks and sub-assemblies for PCB testing manufacturers

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  • X-ray Acrylic panels for isolation cabinets
  • Custom PVC filter housings for chemical and biological filtration
  • Chin operated switch systems for disabled
  • Housings and panelling for disabled lift manufacturers
  • Custom x-ray panels in laminated glass and Acrylic combinations

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  • CNC machining of Acetals, Nylon and Acrylics etc
  • Polycarbonate guarding panels for equipment and biological/chemical protection/isolation
  • Vacuum formed containers for bespoke applications in conveying and storage of hazardous materials
  • Design of tooling fixtures and assemblies for specialist machinery
  • Custom packing and storage components for chilled medical supplies distribution


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  • CNC machining of expanded polystyrene (EPS) for insulation panels and blocks used in air freight temp controlled containers
  • Laser cut dual wall panels for guides and refrigeration retainers
  • Tooling and vacuum forms for customised product refrigerant packing
  • Specialist containers for chilled distribution
  • Component and housings/guards used in commercial kitchens

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  • Cutting boards in food grade HDPE
  • Food stuff custom and bespoke vacuum formed or fabricated container for transport or storage applications
  • CNC machined Acetals, Nylons, UHMWPE etc for food handling and packaging machinery.
  • Food stuff presentation trays in PETG and HDPE

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  • Custom dispensers for leaflets and product
  • Presentation trays and shelving in Acrylic, HIPS, polycarbonate from fabrication of vacuum forming
  • CNC machining and polishing of heavy gauge plastics
  • Laser cut Acrylic profiles, plus full assembly packing
  • Tablet mounting systems for bespoke/custom/promotional applications


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