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How to interface with bespoke fittings

Most injection moulded PVC fittings interface well with other PVC fittings.

A problem arises when these fittings are expected to interface with custom or bespoke components.

Bray Plastics design and machining facilities help us to find solutions for our customers as illustrated in the video.

This shows the boring and threading required to facilitate the connection of a stainless steel flow meter to a PVC pipe fitting for an industrial water supply application.

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Sourcing machined components in small quantities.

Specialist equipment manufacturers can find it difficult to source machined components, particularly in small quantities. Finding the right supplier able to provide the skill set along with the willingness to help is critical.

Shearwater, a manufacturer of counter surveillance instruments came to Bray Plastics when they required parts machined in  Phenolics (Tufnol) and FR4 GRP (glass reinforced polyester / fibreglass) sheet as the images below, show.

Tufnol machined components Phenolics machined components

FR4 GRP machined components FR4 GRP machined components

Shearwater TSCM Merlin counter surveillance

Bray Plastics Ltd have been CNC machining, forming and fabricating with industrial plastics and resins like Polypropylene PP, Polycarbonate PC, Acetal, Nylon, PVC, ABS, Acrylic, Premac, Styrene, PETg, GRP, CFRP (carbon fibre) etc., for many years.

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From Concept to Profitable Product

Helping designers turn their ideas into profitable product is one of Bray Plastics’ primary functions.

The example shown is a sensor housing first fabricated for proof of concept and testing. It also allowed for a pre-production run.

On approval, we redesigned the housing suitable for injection moulding and produced a 3D print. The customer approved this printed version and Bray supplied the final injection moulded production housing.


fabricated prototype sensor housingsensor housing

Your idea – our production expertise – providing continuity to market.

Can Bray Plastics help you turn your ideas to profit? Please contact us on 01525 219100.


Plastic and Metal Machining – See the Results!

In the last few years, Bray have been used by its customers for general plastic machining and fabrication. Our customers’ confidence in Bray as a supplier, has led them to use us to source other components and services in non-plastic materials.

By using Bray’s engineering experience they have outsourced a critical expertise to a trusted supplier who will act on their behalf. This facility has worked so well that Bray is rolling out and expanding this service. So if we can help you with machined or fabricated components in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials please contact us on 01525 219100.

Acrylic Machining for the Medical Industry

 Clear Acrylic (Poly(methyl methacrylate) is used extensively in the medical industry.

Acrylic vacuum chambers, cabinets, boxes, doors and windows can be found in hospitals and laboratories around the world. Premac lead loaded acrylic is used for radiation shielding of radio isotopes.

Bray Plastics have extensive experience in working with acrylic. Machining, fabricating and forming in acrylics under their various trade names of Perspex, Plexiglas, Acrylite, Altuglas etc.

Acrylic Machining for the Medical Industry


If Bray Plastics can help with your acrylic requirements, please call.

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