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Showcase Your Components or Equipment Effectively

How can you show your components or equipment in their best light?

Functional clear acrylic displays are an effective way to demonstrate equipment and components. They can be used for exhibitions, in house demonstration, research and training. The modern, eyecatching display solution will showcase your design and really draw your audience’s attention.

clear acrylic manifold

VEGA Controls Ltd had one such application (as illustrated) and asked Bray Plastics to produce a clear acrylic manifold for them.

Machined acrylic clear display solution

Bray Plastics can machine (CNC turning, milling and routing), profile, form and fabricate in a range of plastics (ABS, PC, PP, PS, PVC, POM, PA, PET and Phenolics) as well as acrylic.


Although we refer to this material as Acrylic it can also be known as PMMA (either cast or extruded) or by the manufactures name e.g. Perspex, Plexiglass etc.

Please give Bray Plastics a call to see if we can help with your application.

Take The Hassle Out Of Sourcing Enclosures

Sourcing suitable electronic and electrical enclosures, particularly in low volume can be a tedious task. Add to that a customising requirement by modifying those enclosures to suit specific applications then an already onerous task has also become a daunting one.

Bray Plastics can both machine standard off-the-shelf enclosures from the major manufacturers like Boss, Hammond, OKW/Rolec, Teko, Spelsberg, Pheonix Meccano, Fibox, Ensto and Multi Box as well as design and fabricate speciality enclosures that are customer specific and totally bespoke.

Using a variety of materials eg. ABS, PC, PP, Acetal etc., we have the capacity to design and manufacture to your requirements.

Should the production volumes increase we can also advise, design and supply injection moulded versions of the fabricated original.

If you have an enclosure issue, even if we can’t help directly, Bray Plastics could give you valuable unbiased advice, so give us a call.

Plastic Fabrication For Your Industry

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) have high insulation values and are used extensively in the packaging, refrigeration and building industries.

These materials are mostly moulded for application and production but can also be machined for prototyping and proof of concept.

Recently Bray Plastics were asked to machine a prototype surfboard core using one of their large capacity CNC routers.

We produced a profiled vacuum table in EPP to enable an accurate machining fixture for the second of the board profiles, having machined the first profile on a standard flat vacuum table.

If that sounds confusing, please take a moment to view the video!

We provide plastic engineering solutions and advice to all industry types including Automotive, Industrial, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Refrigeration and Catering and Ministry of Defence, so whatever you are looking for, please contact us on 01525 219100.

Product redesign for commercial success

Reviewing and/or re-designing your own product is a difficult task, particularly if you have been closely associated with it.

This was the dilemma ProEconomy faced with their ‘Orca’ water treatment station for Legionella control. Orca was a successful and proven system that required updating for engineering, servicing and customer interface.

ProEconomy approached Bray Plastics for advice and options. After we reviewed the requirement, Bray re-engineered the layout and mounting base, added graphics and generally repackaged an already very effective product.

Using our skills in design, plastic machining, fabrication, vacuum forming and assembly we worked closely with ProEconomy staff to quickly achieve a highly commercial product.

Our client was delighted with the final results and has already re-ordered due to favourable customer response.


If we can help you with any of your plastic manufacturing questions or requirements please contact us on 01525 219100.

Vacuum Forming – The Affordable Solution

Vacuum forming can be a cost effective way of solving head scratching issues for product designers.

The two samples in the video show a simple membrane panel for a control interface and a cover for an automotive application.

Couple this with Bray Plastics fabrication, 3D printing and machining expertise and your design problem may not be so big.

If we can help you with any of your plastic manufacturing questions or requirements please contact us on 01525 219100.

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